THE most versatile vegan cake recipe.

Oh boy do I have a treat for you today! I’m assuming you like cake -because who doesn’t? And I’m assuming you love animals- same as above.

So here today I have an incredibly versatile vegan cake recipe that you can use for pretty much anything you can dream up -chocolate and mint Oreo cake anyone? ! I’ve made a lemon drizzle, a lime drizzle, a chocolate cake, a banana and peanut butter cake, a coffee cake and even some muffins!

Getting creative without a muffin tray= honeycomb shaped muffins.

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You’ve reached your goal… Now what?

As an aspiring early retiree I’ve learned the importance of setting goals: freeze all my lunches for a month, spend no money in January, travel without a car for six months etc etc etc. Goals are one of the biggest motivators for self improvement especially for competitive people like me who are always looking to prove doubters wrong!

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How to prepare for a no-spend month

Well hello everyone!

I have a confession, I’ve been a bit careless with my spending the last couple of months, I’ve been on a couple of staycations, planned a few holidays and my food budget has more than doubled- 270% to be exact! Now the food thing I can attribute to my decision to become a vegan in early June. My whole routine and basic meal prepping went totally out of the window and I had to experiment all over again with what works for me and my lifestyle, come up with new recipes and ingredients yada yada. The holidays have been wonderful and have all cost around £150 each-thank you airbnb- so whilst I’m not going to fret about them, I am going to come up with a yearly holiday budget to factor in! It’s time to get those costs the hell down. Continue reading “How to prepare for a no-spend month”