How I saved £12,000 in 12 months

Sit tight. I’m going to tell you some secrets to saving money. Right here. In black and white.

If you live in the UK you’ll know it’s a little harder to save money than in the states where their minimum wage is close to our average wage! Saving large sums of money in a short space of time however is possible! These are things that I personally have done over the past year and therefore there are no excuses as to why you can’t be doing them too. Not only have they saved me money but I’ve also learned a lot of skills, lost weight and generally become a happier person as a result and that’s something I want for you! Continue reading “How I saved £12,000 in 12 months”

Frugality as a mindset

I have read SO many articles about frugality (you probably wouldn’t believe how many) because I like to hear other people’s journeys and opinions. What strikes me most is that many are full of ‘quick tips’ to a more frugal lifestyle. As though frugality has a step by step guide to help you ‘make it’. I read these and feel sorry for the misinformed authors who think that frugality is about just saving money or pinching pennies hard enough to make a lump of coal. Because frugality isn’t about that at all. To me frugality is a way of life that goes beyond buying less or delaying gratification.

It’s about selectively inviting things into your life. Continue reading “Frugality as a mindset”