Future me, you’re welcome! 

Once upon a time someone came up to me and said “yolo” and my brain autocorrected it to “ohno”.*

Yolo can kiss my ass.
So there’s this annoying common trait between my fellow twenty-something friends and it drives me absolutely crazy. An ideology that has spread through the collective mind and made a nest right in their brain stems and is at current controlling their every impulsive decision- this parasite is the falsely esteemed ‘living for today’ mentality.

Living for today displays lack of understanding about consequences, short term mindset and a general lack of respect for future you. Spend more money than you have- future you foots the bill. Go out drinking until early hours- Future you suffers the hangover. Avoid that awkward conversation- future you deals with the anxiety.

All this shit piles up on future you’s doorstep when they least need it which hinders them from getting ahead. You’re struggling to deal with all of the shit you have now, how is future you going to handle all of their shit PLUS all of YOUR shit? Is that really fair? Does future you really deserve all of that hassle?
I, personally respect the hell out of future me! Future me is going to have some awesome musical skills, speak multiple languages, have a bitchin’ body and an obese bank account. You know how I know this? Because I am going to make it happen! Future me is going to be a person worth investing in because I am already investing into my future- which in turn makes it a future worth investing in!
Do the graft now and take one for team you so future you doesn’t have to.

How you ask?

I have a few ideas of things you can do today to get the wheels turning on future you’s awesome life train.

If you don’t already do a budget– start now and take control of your finances. This will free you up of any money worries to give you that much needed brain space.

Take up a hobby- I am a firm believer that EVERYONE needs at least one hobby to maintain a happy and fulfilled life. No, TV does not count! Learn to play an instrument, join a social club, an acapella group, make cards, sell things on ebay, brew cider, bake cakes, visit all of your local museums. Do something that’s challenging and requires work then reap the confidence and satisfaction once you overcome your first hurdles!
Put together a list of all the reasons you deserve a raise- any time you go above and beyond your job role… WRITE.IT.DOWN. Keep a log handy for next time you have a meeting about your performance where you can show your value to the company in a tangible way in order to ask for a raise.
Start exercising- this does not count as a hobby. But similarly do something that will challenge your body, raise your endorphins and lower your stress levels. Go walking, running, cycling, climbing, swimming, crossfit, circuit training, yoga etc. Gift yourself one day a week of real activity.
Call a friend- set aside an hour where you can call your loved ones to catch up and show them you care! Your first topic can be about all of these fantastic new transformations you’re undergoing *wink*.
Polish up your cv- even if you’re not in the market for a new job, do your cv anyway! Check for spelling errors, update your latest achievements as well as any training you’ve undertaken so that if work does become a negative experience, future you can start looking elsewhere with minimal hassle.

Make your lunches for the week- do your future self a favour and provide food! After a hard day of work what better than realising someone you love has already made you a hearty meal? Self-romance-five!

Write a list of all of the things you admire in other people. Be it patience, an affinity for sports, a plan for their future, whatever it may be. Put them in order of which you’d like to have the most and start working on the top two today. Have them at the forefront of your mind in day to day life.

Automate your savings. It’s really easy, I have a blog post about it here. It’ll take two hours max and you’ll be so glad you did it!

Once you start implementing even a couple of these actions you’ll find a new vigour. Each action gives YOU the control over your future and slows time down for you to savour more. Give future you a gift that no one else can give you and start being a more competent adulter! You deserve it.


What do you do that invests into your future self and sets you up for success?

2 Replies to “Future me, you’re welcome! ”

  1. Great blog you have here but I was curious if you knew of any discussion boards that cover the same topics talked about in this article? I’d really like to be a part of group where I can get feed-back from other knowledgeable individuals that share the same interest. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. Thanks a lot!

    1. Hi Santos, It depends what country you’re from. The Money saving Expert has a lot of useful information and discussion boards for topics about the UK. The Firestarter Blog is a personal favourite of mine, there’s loads of in depth calculations and ideas for saving more money. There are plenty of American frugality and money bloggers as well like The financial Diet, Dear Debt, The Frugalwoods, Mister Money Mustache.

      It all really depends what you’re looking for but there’s a big group of us who just love talking about money 🙂

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