Can you live on £10,000 a year in the UK?

Hello there! I have a question for you today. How little money can you live on and not be totally miserable?

Of course that is going to vary from person to person depending on how posh-totty your tastes have become but it’s a question I want to answer anyway. I heard of a woman living on £2,500 a year by not using her heating, reusing drain water, buying out of date meats to put in her freezer and using lots of coupons. Now she seemed pretty happy to me! She had also paid off her mortgage which makes life that little bit easier but still she was retired and saving money was her job!

Perhaps a more realistic goal for the rest of us is £10,000. It’s something I’ve wanted since I started my frugality journey in 2015 and one I can safely say is achievable and joyful! Continue reading “Can you live on £10,000 a year in the UK?”