Things I Don’t Buy in Order to Save Money.

It has taken me SO LONG to write this post, I’ve been mulling it over at my desk in work, in the car ride home and even in my dreams. It’s such a big post to tackle because there are SO MANY things a frugal person doesn’t buy in order to save money. That’s one of the main pre-requisites to being frugal after all. So how to tackle such a big topic without giving you a big list of all the things I thought of buying this year and then eventually didn’t. Continue reading “Things I Don’t Buy in Order to Save Money.”

Free ways to entertain yourself and grow at the same time.

At 5 foot something you should know that I don’t mean “grow” in the literal and physical sense because I have not figured out how to make that happen yet, if I had I’d be financially independent already. With that being said, this post won’t disappoint because it will help you grow your inner self instead, expanding your mind, your self-control, self-confidence and abilities. You know, the real ways that count… or so I tell myself. Continue reading “Free ways to entertain yourself and grow at the same time.”

Is living in a HMO worth it?

In my journey towards buying a house and financial independence I’ve made a few lifestyle changes in order to save massive amounts of money One of these has been to share my living space with an array of strangers with varying degrees of manners and personal hygiene. The nice way of putting this is that I’ve lived in Houses of Multiple Occupancy. In a way I’ve lived in a HMO my whole life because I’ve always shared a house with family when I lived at my parents home or friends when I moved out, so it can’t be that different… Can it? Continue reading “Is living in a HMO worth it?”