Side Hustles Aren’t Everything.

I’ve been a part of the personal finance community for a couple of years now as a reader and a few months as an avid contributor. I’ve seen, tried and tested a lot of paths to financial health.

I’ve watched dozens of videos and even more blog posts telling me how to save money the right way. Almost all of them include having a second job. “Side hustle your way to a six figure income”, “hustle yourself out of debt”, “Pay off debt with your side income” etc. and it’s made out to be an essential part of any frugality journey or debt repayment journey.

The thing is, not everyone CAN side hustle! Moreover, not everyone stands to gain from it!

I felt a lot of pressure for years to side hustle in order to be able to be a real frugal person and like I wasn’t taking FI seriously if I didn’t hustle on le side. I felt this pressure on top of the pressure not to buy things, budgetting, automating all of my savings, having a great social life, a perfect relationship and a ball busting job with irregular shifts. I struggled to see my friends and family enough let alone work another 15 hours!

This little someone needs a lot of love and attention from her mama!

Not everyone works a regular 9-5 job that has regular hours or even regular days of the week worked. It’s something that frequently goes unacknowledged in this section of the video or blog post. That not everyone is employable a second time around. I have worked 12 hour shifts, standby, night shifts and a combination of all at once meaning that no employer is willing to hire me and even if they did, I’d rarely be able to work the shifts they require.

Everyone’s circumstances are different and if you can’t find a way to make a second income that fits your lifestyle then you’re still a frugal king or queen and you’re still able to reach Financial Independence. You don’t need to give up your dreams of telling your boss you’re outie or or sailing around the world, it’s still coming to you. Being frugal is still an incredibly effective way of reaching financial independence, second only to inheriting millions.

If you can’t get out of debt because your current wages are too low I suggest trying a different approach and looking for a promotion either in the company that you currently work or another company who will pay you fairly for the hard work you put in every day! Get yourself some good benefits and the respect you deserve!

Go get ’em tiger.

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