We Bought a House!

Three years ago I fell down the terrifying rabbit hole of personal finance bloggers. Reading blogs became like a second job to me, I’d rack up on average about 5 hours a day reading them, taking notes and coming up with my own plan for FI.

This month, Different-P and I made the first big step in that plan and as you know by the title we bought a mother fucking house! First step on the ladder here we are. We’ve been saving for years to get here and now that we’re here I’m sure you’ll hear a lot from me about what the whole process was like, what to expect etc.

At the minute, I have at least 5 posts planned and I can’t wait for you all to start reading them! None of them talk about giving up avocado on toast, joining an MLM scheme or taking on a second job to get here. Although those methods work for other people they were not for me. I focussed on getting my basic living expenses as low as practically possible and prioritising the luxuries that benefit my life as a whole *cough* avocado on toast.

I’ve outlined what I did in a few posts before including:

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These are some of many things that got us to where we are with our money mentality and as a result- our savings goals! I want to share this with you so that you know that reducing your spending is worth it to help reach your goals, you can live minimally while you’re young and help set up a future that will support you through hard times.

Good luck all! We millennials WILL get our houses with roofs that can keep the rain away from our precious snowflake heads!