Hitting that frugality wall

And banging your head on it repeatedly…

I love talking about the benefits of frugality – creativity, freedom, independence, confidence, contentment, environmental etc and it is incredible! It has changed my life!

In June last year however, I hit a wall that I didn’t see coming! I stopped making meals in batches, I stopped using a list, bought a lot-I mean a lot- of convenience food and just generally stopped caring how much stuff cost me. Continue reading “Hitting that frugality wall”

My money story.

Hello there! Welcome to a page were I get really un-British on you and talk about money. Strap in, it’s going to shake you to your socially appropriate core.

No, not really but hopefully it encourages you to talk more to your friends about money! That’s how my journey started… You see I was twenty years old, had moved into a rented house that was way too expensive with a friend who also wasn’t very good with money. It was my first house and I wanted it just right, I used a gifted savings account to buy new furniture, new kitchen utensils, a nice shiny big tv etc etc all with adult intentions and absolutely no clue. Continue reading “My money story.”

Where the f*** have I been?!

First off, let me start this with a big hearty “Hello!” and a cyber hug from me to you.

Oh my God it has been a long time! Writing this feels like seeing an old friend after months of being nose deep in revision books or travelling abroad but it is definitely good to see you again! I will be writing more often from here on out and I’ve written a few blog posts already to make sure that I have content to upload at least monthly (and good content at that) because who wants to read half-arsed financial advice?! Not me. Continue reading “Where the f*** have I been?!”

Can you live on £10,000 a year in the UK?

Hello there! I have a question for you today. How little money can you live on and not be totally miserable?

Of course that is going to vary from person to person depending on how posh-totty your tastes have become but it’s a question I want to answer anyway. I heard of a woman living on £2,500 a year by not using her heating, reusing drain water, buying out of date meats to put in her freezer and using lots of coupons. Now she seemed pretty happy to me! She had also paid off her mortgage which makes life that little bit easier but still she was retired and saving money was her job!

Perhaps a more realistic goal for the rest of us is £10,000. It’s something I’ve wanted since I started my frugality journey in 2015 and one I can safely say is achievable and joyful! Continue reading “Can you live on £10,000 a year in the UK?”

FOMO and you WOMO

Or for the Acronym illiterate of you*.. Fear Of Missing Out and you Will Only Miss Out.

FOMO is the excuse to do things that everyone else is doing purely because you fear of missing out on things like good times with your friends or amazing facebook photo opportunities or maybe you don’t even know what – you just don’t want to miss it! It’s the modern day ‘keeping up with the Joneses’ and it is just as nonsensical. Continue reading “FOMO and you WOMO”

DifferentLI’s digital ‘envelope system’.

Pretty much everyone in the financial sphere has heard of Dave Ramsey and his envelope method. Basically you withdraw the amount of money that you have budgeted for each week/month in certain categories and you keep them in designated envelopes. For the rest of your money it’s out of sight, out of mind.

I tried this method but it was difficult for me to keep withdrawing amounts on time and I felt uncomfortable carrying cash everywhere with me! So instead I developed a digital compartmentalising system that works perfectly to keep my money away from me and in my savings account!

This system has helped me save thousands over the past year or so and has been key to keeping me on track with my savings goal! Continue reading “DifferentLI’s digital ‘envelope system’.”

You’re wasting money on food, Britain.

According to The money advice service the average food bill per person is £58.80 per week in the uk. This is almost three times what I spend per week, what are you eating?! Caviar with toasted 24k gold flakes? Three portions of salt and pepper chips a day?! Shreddies hand woven by Monks? Whatever it is, I want to help you trim in those exorbitant costs with very little effort by showing you some easy switches you can make in your kitchen and cupboards! Continue reading “You’re wasting money on food, Britain.”