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Welcome to Differentli where we’ll be discussing ways you and I can make our lives completely original using a combination of creativity, adventure and frugality. Here are my three essential blog posts for you to read to kick-start your financially independent life.


How to Start Budgeting

Financial independence is hinged on three basic principles- Saving more than you earn, investing the surplus and budgeting the money you spend.

I’ll talk about the other two in some later posts but the whole process starts by controlling your spending through a budget. You can’t invest any money if you can’t save any and you can’t save any money if you don’t know what you’re spending! (unless you’re some genius freak of nature) So it all begins with confronting your spending and starting to get an understanding of WHERE your money is going every month!

This was the first step I took on my journey to financial independence and I now save over 50% of my take home pay, after tax and pension contributions. I used it to pay off my credit card, build an emergency fund, start working towards my future home and long term plan to reach early retirement.

DifferentLi’s Digital ‘Envelope System’

Pretty much everyone in the financial sphere has heard of Dave Ramsey and his envelope method. Basically you withdraw the amount of money that you have budgeted for each week/month in certain categories and you keep them in designated envelopes. For the rest of your money it’s out of sight, out of mind.

I tried this method but it was difficult for me to keep withdrawing amounts on time and I felt uncomfortable carrying cash everywhere with me! So instead I developed a digital compartmentalising system that works perfectly to keep my money away from me and in my savings account!

This system has helped me save thousands over the past year or so and has been key to keeping me on track with my savings goal!


How I Saved £12,000 in 12 Months

Sit tight. I’m going to tell you some secrets to saving money. Right here. In black and white.

If you live in the UK you’ll know it’s a little harder to save money than in the states where their minimum wage is close to our average wage! Saving large sums of money in a short space of time however is possible! These are things that I personally have done over the past year and therefore there are no excuses as to why you can’t be doing them too. Not only have they saved me money but I’ve also learned a lot of skills, lost weight and generally become a happier person as a result and that’s something I want for you!

Unfortunately, though some adverts would make you think otherwise, the answer isn’t as easy as drinking a special skinny/rich tea.

Not T but maybe B! 😉