How to prepare for a no-spend month

Well hello everyone!

I have a confession, I’ve been a bit careless with my spending the last couple of months, I’ve been on a couple of staycations, planned a few holidays and my food budget has more than doubled- 270% to be exact! Now the food thing I can attribute to my decision to become a vegan in early June. My whole routine and basic meal prepping went totally out of the window and I had to experiment all over again with what works for me and my lifestyle, come up with new recipes and ingredients yada yada. The holidays have been wonderful and have all cost around £150 each-thank you airbnb- so whilst I’m not going to fret about them, I am going to come up with a yearly holiday budget to factor in! It’s time to get those costs the hell down. Continue reading “How to prepare for a no-spend month”

Daily Prompt: Maybe

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Maybe we’ve held all the power all along?

In George Orwell’s 1984 he explains how the ‘Proles’ or the lower class of people with seemingly little importance have all the power to make the biggest difference in his world. Their sheer numbers and relationships amongst each other make them more powerful than Big Brother himself. But their disorganisation fails them. Their lack of aspiration lessens their threat and they are subdued by cheap trinkets and local bars.

Have we sold out our power for cheap trinkets and booze? Continue reading “Daily Prompt: Maybe”

10 things you’ll learn by ditching your car.

Earlier this year I decided it was time to shape up my finances, pay off my credit card and start making some moves towards my financial future. As a young 21 year old with a steady job it felt like the perfect time to lay some good foundations for the rest of my life. Loving a challenge I decided a good way to do this would be to sell my car and get creative with my travel, maybe save the planet in the meantime…

Here are 10 things that you’ll learn if you do the same.

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